Earth Care


The Anchor Paint “Earth Care” campaign began in 1993. In response to increased awareness of environmental issues due to Earth Day and the proposed environmental regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, Anchor Paint put a name to a philosophy that had been true since the beginning of the company.

Since we began in 1962, Anchor Paint has been committed to “doing the right thing”. An integral part of “doing the right thing” is manufacturing products in regards to health, safety and environmental concerns for customers and employees.

The core purpose of Anchor Paint is:
“To improve the world around us through our commitment to greatness”.

The Earth Care Seal represents our dedication to improving the world around us. How? By formulating with earth friendly raw materials we choose to make coatings that improve the lives of customers, employees, and the communities we serve.

Here is the original statement about Earth Care. It was published in the Anchor Paint newsletter, The News Anchor, January 1993.


Another new aspect of our updated labeling is the Earth Care Seal. We are absolutely dedicated to giving our customers the best product at the most affordable price. And in this day, environmental issues are no longer just concerns – they are the way we live and the way we do business.

The concept of the Earth Care Seal is to let our customers know they are using environmentally friendly, easy to dispose and non-toxic paints. Earth Care Seals already appear on some of our architectural coatings, and will start to appear on more of these and the industrial coatings as well. Earth Care is an important mission for Anchor and you will soon see more and more of our products falling under this category. Remember to tell our customers the exclusive Earth Care Seal on Anchor Products.

At Anchor paint, we define a “Green” product in simple terms.

  • Do we formulate our products to minimize harm to Anchor employees during manufacturing?
  • Do we formulate our products to minimize harm to Anchor customers before, during or after application?
  • Based on the requirements of the customer, has this product met or exceeded the customer expectations?

We can answer Yes to each of these questions with confidence and pride.

We can answer this way because we make conscious decisions to keep hazardous raw materials out of our Earth Care Seal products; it is why we formulate for long-term stability and ease of use for the customer and it is why we send our products to third-party testing facilities to receive unbiased results on our performance versus the competition.

Please contact any one of our representatives to discuss our commitment to “doing the right thing”. We appreciate your business and look forward to building a great relationship.


Chip Meade
Justin Meade
Anchor Paint Mfg. Co.