Anchor’s Durable, Protective Coatings are formulated to withstand even the harshest environments.


Anchor’s commercial product line delivers the quality performance essential to professional paint contractors and property managers.


Color matching, sundries, and delivery are available to cultivate a smooth and successful home project.


Anchor welcomes renowned Designer, Chad Renfro as our Color Expert with his inaugural 18 Color Palette, “ORIGINS.”

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Exterior Waterborne/Water-Based Opaque Wood Stain.

A 100% Acrylic latex, solid-color/opaque  (semi-solid) stain for a wide variety of substrates.

Wood Wonder Series WW5600

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Color your world beautiful with Anchor Paint. Anchor has the ability to match any color in the rainbow!


Chad Renfro Origins Palette

The ORGINS collection delivers color perfection in every shade. A classic deep blue hints at just-after-dusk clear skies in China Aster. Earthy reds drift just behind the finespun blush of First Lady. Viscaya winks at fresh bluestem grasses, native to both Anchor Paint and Origins creator, Chad Renfro.

Origins by Chad Renfro

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Find the perfect color for your next paint project. You can use our Digital Fan Deck to select colors and visualize how they can be used in different spaces. Get complimentary color recommendations with your selections to ensure your space looks perfect every time.


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