SAF-T-GARD II Enamel Series 0900

Solvent borne Enamel series for Industrial Maintenance, General Industrial Applications, Heavy Duty Equipment, Farm and Agriculture Equipment, as well as Oil and Gas Equipment

Product Number: 0900

Literature: PDS, SDS


Anchor’s Saf-T-Gard heavy-duty enamels are specifically designed for industrial maintenance applications.
These enamels are incredibly easy to apply and provide a durable protection suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Product Specification


  • Excellent abrasion/chemical/weather resistance
  • High gloss
  • Environmentally Friendly: Saf-T-Gard II has options to meet all federal, state, and customer-specific environmental requirements.


  • Proven Performance: Our Saf-T-Gard II formula has been protecting industrial assets from corrosion since 1962.
  • Simple Application: Can be applied by brush, roll, spray, or mitt – whatever method you prefer.
  • Gloss Retention: ASTM D4587 – 84% retention of 60-degree gloss after 312 hours.
  • Polyurethane Hardener: An available polyurethane hardener is easy to add and improves the performance of Saf-T-Gard. Hardness (ASTM D3633), Salt-Fog (ASTM B117), Impact (ASTM D2794), QUV (ASTM D4587) results improved.
  • Superior Adhesion: Saf-T-Gard II enamels stick to just about everything. Using ASTM D3359 – yields 4B adhesion.
Dry time
2.5 hours to touch, 8 hours to recoat
A variety of stock, tint bases, and custom colors are available.
High gloss
Heat Resistance
Saf-T-Gard II can withstand continuous heat up to 150° F and spikes of up to 250° F.
Volume Solids
54.90% – Varies by color
10.16 lb/gal (1217 g/l) – Varies by color
55 Gallon drums, 5 Gallon pails, 1 Gallon cans, and quart (1/4 gallon) cans


  • Architectural
  • Industrial
  • Maintenance
  • Farm and Agriculture
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Refineries


  • General Industrial Applications
  • Heavy Duty Equipment/OEM
  • General Maintenance Applications
  • Farm and Agriculture Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Refinery Equipment