Quick Touch Enamel Series 1200

A fast drying, DTM (direct-to-metal) short oil alkyd enamel. It is an excellent enamel characterized by high durability, gloss retention and color retention.

Product Number: 1200

Literature: PDS, SDS


Anchor’s Quick Touch formulation is a heavy-duty enamel, specifically designed for applications requiring fast dry times.


Quick Touch enamels are especially suitable for:
Original Equipment Manufacturing
Heavy Duty Machinery & Equipment
Farm and Agriculture Machinery & Equipment
Steel Storage & Waste Containers
Oil and Gas Equipment
Industrial Maintenance
Features & Benefits
Proven Performance: Our Quick Touch 1200 series has been providing fast-dry protection since 1962.
Fast Dry Times: Ambient dry times as fast as 15 minutes to touch and 40 minutes to recoat.
MPI Approved: The Quick Touch Series has products approved by the standards of the Master Painters Institute.
Color Options: A variety of stock, tint bases and custom colors are available.
Easy To Use: Quick Touch enamels are available in convenient, ready-to-spray versions.
Environmentally Friendly: The introduction of the 3500, 4400 and 6000 series represent our commitment to providing environmentally friendly products that meet the performance expectations of our original 1200 series. The Quick Touch line has options to meet all federal, state and customer-specific environmental requirements.
Heat Resistance: Quick Touch can withstand continuous heat up to 150° F.
Quick Touch Products
1200 Series – Short Oil Alkyd Enamel
3500 Series – High Solids Acrylic Alkyd Enamel
4400 Series – High Solids Acrylic Alkyd Enamel (Low Haps Solvents)
6000 Series – High Solids Acrylic Alkyd Enamel
Customers using Anchor’s QUICK TOUCH Products have included:
One of the world’s leading providers of manufacturing, sales and equipment support for automatic welding and pipeline equipment, field joint coating and inspection services
One of the world’s leading providers of construction equipment in the pipeline industry
A U.S. leader in providing contract land drilling services to oil and natural gas producers
A leading North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment and recycling equipment
The largest block producer for crane blocks, snatch blocks, construction blocks, specialty blocks and sheaves in the world
The leading provider of air cooled heat exchangers to worldwide natural gas compression, process and power generation industrial companies


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