Fast Dry Primer Series – CC2733, CC2811 & CC2812

An economical primer ideal for OEM and structural steel

Product Number: Fast Dry Primer Series

Literature: Fast Dry Primer Series Data Sheet 2-2018, SDS_CC2733_2016-02-22, SDS_CC2811_2016-09-21, SDS_CC2812_2016-09-21


Anchor’s Fast Dry Primers are low HAPS, quick-drying modified-alkyd primers for protection of steel substrates. They can be top coated with most alkyds and urethanes without lifting.

Product Specification


  • Fast drying
  • Economical
  • Low gloss
  • Low HAPS/Low VOC


  • Ideal for protection of various steel substrates
  • Use it under a wide variety of products (i.e. alkyds, acrylic-alkyds, and urethanes)
  • Works great for many OEM applications
  • Suitable for field-applied and production-line applications
Dry time
Depending upon outside temperature (75°F): 15 minutes to touch, 40 minutes to recoat
#CC2733 – Gray, #CC2811 – White & #CC2812 – Red
Low gloss
Theoretical coverage
782 ft2 /gal at one mil dry, assuming no application losses. Coverage will vary depending on the substrate's color, application technique, porosity, and design.
Volume Solids
48.74% – Varies by Color
12.42 lb/gal (1488 g/l) – Varies by Color
55 Gallon drums, 5 Gallon pails, and 1 Gallon cans


  • OEM
  • Metal Fab Shops
  • Oil and Gas
  • Waste Management
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Structure Steel


  • Oil and gas tanks
  • Industrial machinery
  • Steel structures
  • Bridges