Epoxy Hi-Build Series 3900

Durable protective epoxy coating ideal for OEM, Offshore, and various other equipment and structures in the harshest environments

Product Number: 3900

Literature: PDS_3900 Epoxy Hi-Build Series Data Sheet 8-2021, SDS


Anchor’s two-component Epoxy formulations are designed to withstand harsh conditions and unforgiving environments, providing excellent chemical resistance and superior barrier coat protection.

Product Specification


  • VOC compliant
  • High gloss
  • Low odor


  • Hard and durable coating
  • Salt Fog Resistance: 2000 hours of ASTM B117 (Test results from CC-1514 Series)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy to use
Dry time
Depending upon outside temperature (75°F): 2 hours to touch, 7 minutes to tack-free, 4 hours to 2 days to recoat, 12 hours to handle, 8 days to fully cure
#3902 - White, Standard and Custom colors
High gloss
Mix Ratio
1 to 1
Volume Solids
50.19% – Mixed with Activator – Varies by Color
10.05 lb/gal (1204 g/l) – Mixed – Varies by Color
A two gallon kit consist of a 1 gallon container of epoxy 100% full and a 1 gallon container of #3906 100% full. Mixing the #3906 into the epoxy, in a separate container, yields two mixed gallons.

A ten gallon kit consists of a 5 gallon container 100% full of epoxy and a full 5 gallon container of #3906. Mixing the #3906 into the epoxy, in a separate container, yields ten mixed gallons. This product is also sold in quart quantities.


  • Original Equipment Manufacturing – (harsh environments)
  • General Industrial Applications
  • Off-Shore Structures
  • Industrial Maintenance


  • Concrete Floors
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Buildings & Construction
  • Commercial Applications