Hi-Solids Epoxy Primer CC1514

Epoxy Primer ideal for harsh environments where extreme durable protection is required. Top coat is needed.

Product Number: CC1514

Literature: PDS, SDS


Anchor’s two-component Epoxy formulations are designed to withstand harsh conditions and unforgiving environments, providing excellent chemical resistance and superior barrier coat protection.
Choose Anchor Epoxy formulations for:
Original Equipment Manufacturing – (harsh environments)
General Industrial Applications
Off-Shore Structures
Industrial Maintenance
Concrete Floors
Exterior Storage tanks, Structural steel (with proper topcoat)
Machinery and Equipment
Commercial Applications
Civil Engineering Projects
Building and Construction Projects
Proven Performance: Anchor Epoxy formulations have been protecting industrial assets from corrosion since 1982.
Salt Fog Resistance: 2000 hours of ASTM B117. *
Environmentally Friendly: The introduction of the 5900, 6900 and 7900 series represent our commitment to providing environmentally friendly products that meet the performance expectations of our original 3900 series. The Anchor Epoxy product line has options to meet all federal, state and customer-specific environmental requirements.
Epoxy Technology Options: Anchor offers a variety of options. Amine epoxies provide hard films with great chemical resistance. Polyamides are easy to use and have excellent adhesion. Water-based epoxies are hard, durable coatings with water clean up and low odor. *Test results from CC-1514 Series.
3900 Series – Polyamide High Build Epoxy (1 to 1)
CC1514 – High Solids Epoxy Primer
5900 Series – High Solids Waterborne Epoxy
6900 Series – High Solids Polyamine Epoxy for Floors (4 to 1)
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