Anchor Industrial Coatings Product Selector

You can use the drop down menu to the right to choose among Anchor’s significant selection of industrial products by type of use or you can use the technical information we’ve provided in this Industrial Coatings Product Selector PDF to help you choose the Anchor product that will best meet your needs.

Anchor has a formulation to provide superior results for all industrial applications whether they are Original Equipment Manufacturing or Industrial Maintenance. From heavy-duty equipment and machinery to offshore structures, agricultural equipment, communication towers and all things in between, we are Anchored for Wear!


426 Flat Black Enamel
472 Quick Dry Gray Primer
1003 Mira-Brite Shop Coat Aluminum
1007 Mira-Brite Hi-Temp Silicone Aluminum
1015 Mira-Brite Industrial Aluminum
1109 Fin Seal
1170 Poly-U Super Spar Varnish
1515 Flexi-Seal PVA Sealer
1516 Sun Up Primer
1601 Asphaltic Black
1716 Zinc Dust Primer
1870 Safety Zone Paint
2230 Rust Blok Enamelized Tank White
2651 Red Oxide Primer
2653 Fast Dry Red Oxide Primer
2655 Fast Dry White Primer
2912 Acri-Lac Clear Finish
3601 Flexi-Coat Latex Primer
3703 Catalyzed Epoxy
3705 Catalyzed Epoxy Catalyst
3760 Tar Gard Black
3761 Tar Gard Epoxy Catalyst
3900 Hi-Build Epoxy Primer
3906 Hi-Build Epoxy Activator
4906 Ancothane Activator
5906 Waterborne Epoxy Activator
6906 Anchorpoxy Catalyst
7000 ProAdvantage Interior Latex Flat
0055A, 0055B Cat-O-Zinc Primer
0500 Series Saf-T-Gard Enamel Series
0900 Series Saf-T-Gard II Enamel Series
1200 Series Quick Touch Enamel Series
1300 Series Saf-T-Gard Tank Coatings Series
1603, 1622, 1630 Anco Rust Inhibitive Primers, High Solids
1703, 1711, 1722, 1730 Anco Rust Inhibitive Primers
1870 Series Safety Zone Paint Series
2500 Series Satin Speed Stain Series
2600 Silicone Alkyd
2703, 2722, 2730 Waterborne Acrylic Primers
3300 Series Richwood Oil Stain Series
3500 Series LoVOC Industrial Enamel Series
3600 Series Flexi-Coat Exterior Latex Series
3800 Series Environ™ II Waterborne Enamels
3900 Series Hi-Build Epoxy Series
4900 Series Ancothane Acrylic Urethane
5000 Series Signature™ Flat Latex Series
5100 Series Signature™ Eggshell Latex Series
5200 Series Signature™ Semi-Gloss Latex Series
5900 Series Waterborne Epoxy Series
6000 Series XP Acrylic Alkyd Enamel Series
6900 Series Anchorpoxy Series
7000 ProAdvantage Flat Latex
AA0999 Lacquer Retarder
AA1096 Metal Conditioner
AA4514, AA4515 Flexi-Coat Aviation Coating Series
AA7199 Lo Sheen Black Enamel
B7911 LoVOC Gray Primer
B9540 Contractor Pure White Flat Wall Paint
CC0270 AncoFlex Elastomeric Coating
CC0655 LoHAPs RTS Gray Primer
CC1199 Mira-Brite Fast Dry Aluminum
CC1381 Hi-Temp Silicone Black
CC1496 Hi-Solids Epoxy Activator
CC1514 Hi-Solids Epoxy Primer
CC1723A, CC1723B Vinyl Wash Primer
CC1739 Zinc Rich Epoxy II Catalyst
CC1805 Series Flexi-Coat PLUS Exterior Latex Series
CC2324 Woodwonder Solid Color Stain
CC2338 Acrylic Textured Concrete Coating
CC2427 ProGrade Flat Latex
CC2690 Waterborne Concrete Stain
CC2733, CC2811, CC2812 Fast Dry Primer Series
CC2781 Flexi-Coat Flat
J1100 Polyurethane Hardener
LoHaps Series LoHAPs Gloss Enamel Series
P0100 Series Uni-Kote™ Interior Latex Flat Series
P0150 Uni-Kote™ Flat Ceiling White Latex
P0200 Series Uni-Kote™ Eggshell Latex Series
P0300 Series Uni-Kote™ Interior/Exterior Semi-Gloss Latex Series
P0400 Series Uni-Kote™ Semi-Gloss Oil-Based Enamel Series
P0600 Series Uni-Kote™ Oil-Based Gloss Enamel Series
P0700 Series Uni-Kote™ Gloss Latex Series
P1120 Uni-Kote™ Water Repellant
P1122 Uni-Kote™ Waterborne Acrylic Masonry Sealer
P1400 Series Uni-Kote™ Floor Enamel Series
P1507 Uni-Kote™ Oil-Based Undercoater White
P1508 Uni-Kote™ Drywall Sealer
P1509 Uni-Kote™ Waterborne Undercoater
Satin Speed Stain Shop Use Series Satin Speed Stain – Shop Use
WB Lot Coating Waterborne Lot Coating Series
WB Gloss Enamels Custom Waterborne Gloss Enamels