Original Equipment Manufacturers

Anchor is built on providing durable protective coatings.  Anchor industrial OEM customers receive a custom solution suited to their exacting requirements.  Select one of the following standard lines or consult your Anchor representative to create a customized formulation just for you.

Industrial Primers

This section includes all industrial primers: conventional solids and high solids formulations, rust inhibitive properties, zinc rich options, fast dry options, economical shop primers, multi-use primers and specialty formulations for specific VOC and HAPs requirements.


Ancothane Polyurethane Coatings

A plural component, high performance, low VOC, acrylic urethane product providing very high gloss with excellent physical properties such as abrasion and chemical resistance, flexibility, and weatherability.


Epoxy Coatings

Catalyzed epoxies have found a variety of uses in industry because of their durability, corrosion inhibitors and chemical resistance combined with excellent adhesion over many surfaces. These catalyzed epoxy coatings cure at room temperature.


Quick Touch Coatings

Quick drying, short-oil alkyds with slower evaporating tail solvents for extended open time. These enamels have high durability, gloss retention, and color retention.


Saf-T-Gard Coatings

High quality, conventional solids, interior/exterior alkyd coatings characterized by excellent durability, gloss, and color retention. These slow dry, heavy-duty enamels are designed primarily for machinery and equipment.


Waterborne Coatings

A high gloss industrial waterborne coating providing fast dry-time and resistance to humidity, chalking, staining and dirt-pickup. These enamels are designed for equipment, machinery, and metal structures with excellent adhesion to steel.