Core Ideology

The Core Purpose

To improve the world around us through our commitment to GREATness.

We want to continually improve.  If we rest, we rust!  We want to leave our children in a better place than we started out.  “Improving” is preserving the core business but stimulating progress for the future.

What is the “world” we touch?  It might be small – maybe it is just one other person, it could be our fellow team members, our direct customers, our dealers and distributors, our local community, our state, country or possibly the world.

We are “committed to GREATness” – Good is the enemy of Great.  Ask any of our team members why we believe good enough never is.  We never settle for good enough, we want to be GREAT!

Core Values

  • We are determined hardworking with a can-do attitude
    • Persistence and determination to do the job right.
    • We are hardworking and focused.
    • When the going gets tough, we don’t quit, we excel.
  • Anchor for Wear means we reliable, resilient and adaptable
    • “Anchored for Wear” is a statement about an unfailing ability to weather the storm, as people, as a corporation and as products.
    • We’re built to last with a solid foundation to provide a dependable, trustworthy solution for our customers.
    • Holding firm to our roots and the beliefs of our founders, we bend without breaking and bounce back after challenges.
    • We learn from our experience, adapting and preparing for the future.
  • We value all relationships with honesty and integrity
    • Every interaction with an Anchor associate, whether internal or external, deserves an honest and sincere encounter.
    • Anchor Paint is filled with individuals you can trust.

It is our responsibility to perform in a professional, respectable and conscientious manner.