About Us

Since 1962, Anchor’s well respected formulations have produced some of the most durable architectural and industrial coatings available.

Used by highly recognized brands across many industries, Anchor’s Core products and customized coatings protect structures, equipment and other assets in locations around the world that offer some of the harshest possible service environments.

From our centrally-based manufacturing plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Anchor Paint has earned the trust and confidence of residential, commercial, and industrial clients nationwide by delivering quality, service and value.

We manufacture a full array of industrial, architectural and specialty paints, distributed directly to our customers and internationally via our plant headquarters, through company-owned branches in Denver, Oklahoma City and Little Rock and through well respected independent dealers.

“Let the professionals at Anchor Paint solve your problems.  We manufacture and provide the highest quality coatings and application supplies, while striving to exceed your expectations.  Our knowledge, flexible batch sizes and attention to detail allow us to focus on each customer with the attention you deserve.  Color Your World Beautiful with Anchor Paint!”

The Core Purpose

To improve the world around us through our commitment to GREATness.

We want to continually improve.  If we rest, we rust!  We want to leave our children in a better place than we started out.  “Improving” is preserving the core business but stimulating progress for the future.

What is the “world” we touch?  It might be small – maybe it is just one other person, it could be our fellow team members, our direct customers, our dealers and distributors, our local community, our state, country or possibly the world.

We are “committed to GREATness” – Good is the enemy of Great.  Ask any of our team members why we believe good enough never is.  We never settle for good enough, we want to be GREAT!

Core Values

  • We are determined hardworking with a can-do attitude
    • Persistence and determination to do the job right.
    • We are hardworking and focused.
    • When the going gets tough, we don’t quit, we excel.
  • Anchor for Wear means we reliable, resilient and adaptable
    • “Anchored for Wear” is a statement about an unfailing ability to weather the storm, as people, as a corporation and as products.
    • We’re built to last with a solid foundation to provide a dependable, trustworthy solution for our customers.
    • Holding firm to our roots and the beliefs of our founders, we bend without breaking and bounce back after challenges.
    • We learn from our experience, adapting and preparing for the future.
  • We value all relationships with honesty and integrity
    • Every interaction with an Anchor associate, whether internal or external, deserves an honest and sincere encounter.
    • Anchor Paint is filled with individuals you can trust.
    • It is our responsibility to perform in a professional, respectable and conscientious manner.

Anchor Team Members

We pride ourselves on the integrity, knowledge and ethics of the people who have chosen to align themselves with the Anchor team. Their unwaivering dedication allows Anchor Paint to build long-term relationships that keep customers coming back. Each team member is an expert in their respective position, they know the details of the job. We also encourage constructive rather than destructive conflict from all team members when it comes to improvements and other ideas.  Anchor team members are dynamic, much like a large family or community. All of us on the Anchor team realize we sail together on the same boat. As such, we don’t work at meeting customer expectations, we work to exceed them.

Anchor Products

We start from the premise, “Customers deserve the highest quality products”.  The technical laboratory strives to develop innovative coating formulations, evaluating both on-site and through third-party labs around the country in order to continually improve on our time-tested formulas. Not only do we test on-site to provide coatings best suited to withstand our sometimes violent, unpredictable Oklahoma weather, we also realize our national and international sales may require performance in a multitude of service environments. Therefore, our products are also tested in climates such as southern Florida and the Northeast United States. Anchor products excel in weather resistance, durability, color retention, gloss retention, stain resistance and other significant performance criteria.

Anchor Services

Anchor Paint Manufacturing offers a variety of services to assist you with all your project needs.  Our size allows us to be flexible enough to handcraft that special batch and nimble enough to get the big jobs done quickly, on time and within you budget. Whether you’re looking for product recommendations, assistance with color matching or information on selecting surface preparation and application tools, our staff of coatings experts is ready to help you. At Anchor Paint Manufacturing, architectural paint and industrial coatings are our specialty, wouldn’t you rather do business with the experts?

Career Opportunities

The Anchor Paint Manufacturing Company offers a variety of positions throughout the Midwestern United States. All branches offer job opportunities that require many different levels of experience and expertise, where our corporate headquarters also allows us to provide positions for production, sales, research/development, and management. Since our inception in 1962, we have always valued experience and promote from within whenever possible based on applicant qualifications. The possibilities for employment and career opportunities may include:

  • Sales Producers — outside sales, customer service, warehouse direct counter sales, counter sales management, branch management, spray equipment sales/service, and marketing positions.
  • Operations — laboratory chemists, research and development/quality control; manufacturing plant management, shipping/receiving, maintenance supervisor and multiple positions throughout our paint and coatings production facility including mixers, tinters, fillers, and labeling department.
  • Finance & Administration — credit and collections management; accounting/financial reporting; centralized purchasing agent; information systems; various administrative service roles, and management support.

We offer a full range of benefits including medical, dental, life insurance, 401(k) plan with a potential profit sharing feature, flex benefit plan, paid holidays, paid vacations, sick leave, educational opportunities and discounts on all Anchor products for team members.

We also offer a Goal Sharing Program to team members other than those excluded from the plan.  This incentive program is designed to offer a range of goals such as inventory control, accounts receivable control, housekeeping, waste efficiency and a sales per employee goal. These criteria have been selected to gauge our performance, boost morale, generate a sense of teamwork, add efficiency, encourage innovation/creativity, and motivate team members to exceed customer expectations…customer meaning either the end user of our products or a fellow Anchor team member.

To explore available career opportunities, or request additional information, please contact your regional Anchor representative or call long distance at 1 (800) 999-4626, or email info@anchorpaint.com